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Here are highlights from our meeting of November 1, 2010.

This month we met at US Bank in Ontario, where we had a nice room with good lighting.

Show and tell --

This is Berries and Soldierfly by Jane Nicholas. The stitcher, a member of the Baldy View EGA chapter, is Ruth Plummer, who visited us tonight.   Member Judy Hansen brought a finished piece titled Adobe Harvest, which was designed and taught by tonight's guest, Caela Conn Tyler.

Our special guest tonight was noted designer and teacher Caela Conn Tyler. She presented a detailed and thoughtful program about painted canvas enhancement, using canvases brought by guild members to illustrate various points and principles.

Caela showed us how to identify the focal point of the design, as well as how to break the canvas down into foreground, midground, and background for the purposes of creating a stitch plan. She discussed concepts and techniques for making design elements advance or recede visually. Caela also mentioned points to consider when analyzing and stitching highlights and shadows. Everyone learned a lot from this informative presentation!

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