Highlights from our meeting of Tuesday, January 7, 2014

We had a good number of members, as well as a guest, at our meeting tonight. Attendance prizes were won by Belle, Pam, and Fran.

Marianne Bergson brought in some lovely things to share with us this evening.

Marianne said that she enjoyed stitching Moonlight Fantasy Dragons by Earle Phillips because her grandchildren love dragons! Marianne also brought in two examples of her gorgeous knitting, a vibrant shawl (left) and a cozy afghan (right).

Chuck Martin has been busy, and tonight he brought in four of his impeccably stitched pieces to show.

This is Lacquered Leaves, by Mary Clubb. The kimono above was also designed by Mary Clubb.
Chuck chose his own colorway for Dragonfly Sunrise by Jim Wurth. Frankie, by Michael Boren, was inspired by the windows of architect Frank Lloyd Wright.


For our program tonight, Belle Sprague shared the technique she used to create dimensional wings for the butterflies, bees, and dragonflies on Sharon G's Eight Flying Jewels piece. The process, which is not difficult, uses craft wire, a glue such as Fabri-Tac, a ground fabric like organdy ribbon or silk gauze, and blending filament to form and embellish shapes which echo those on a painted canvas. This method can also be used to create such dimensional enhancements as leaves, flower petals, feathers, fish fins, or anything else the stitcher desires.

Wire is bent around needles or T-pins outlining shape to be copied.

Ribbon is glued to wire and excess is trimmed away.

Blending filament is used to bind fabric edges to wire and to embellish each wing.

Belle poses with her finished piece, currently out of its shadowbox frame.