To be put on the interest list for any of the workshops below, please contact the Workshop Chairman. MEMBERS ONLY, PLEASE.

Workshops are usually held on weekends and are taught by nationally known needlework teachers. The workshop may be a pilot class in which the teacher is testing a design for the first time, or it may be a class in which an established design is taught. Needle artists from all over the country attend our workshops.

Workshops are open to members of the San Bernardino and Sunkissed (San Dimas) Chapters of ANG as well as to members of the Baldy View and Inland Empire Chapters of the Embroiderers' Guild of America. Other EGA and ANG members are accepted when there is room. For further workshop information and registration, please contact the Workshop Chairman.

MEMBERS of the SBANG chapter may see pictures and descriptions of the workshop projects by joining our chapter group on the ANG national website.

NOTE: The term "Ghosts," as used in the workshop notes below, means members who pay class fees in order to receive instructional materials but who are unable to attend the workshop in person. Please click here for further information about ghosting procedures and fees.

Classes will be held in Ontario at US Bank, 333 N. Euclid Avenue, unless otherwise noted.

Download map to US Bank

SBCANG member Debby Lambert has developed some etiquette guidelines for her local EGA chapter in Nevada. Several members had never taken a seminar or workshop class, so Debby gathered some good pointers and tips to help them understand what is expected when they have a guest teacher (in this case, Nancy Cucci). Debby has graciously allowed us to share with our members her document, which includes a nice remembrance of Chottie Alderson.

Special Note About Upcoming Workshops

from Pat Correz, our workshop chairman

In light of public health concerns, I have contacted our three teachers originally scheduled for April, May, and June: Janet Casey, Debbie Rowley, and Toni Gerdes

Janet has decided to change dates for her pilot class plans. I've already emailed her class list about this. Debbie has cancelled one class and will present the other as a cyberclass. Toni has changed the date for two classes. For cyberclasses, the teacher will still receive her regular fees, but there will be no expenses for travel/meals/hotel/etc., so your teaching fee cost will be very reasonable.

See specific details for all classes below -- changes noted in red. All who have signed up will be receiving personal emails from me.

PLEASE continue with your plans for our workshops. Many teachers have this as a major source of income, and we need to support them. They will bend over backward to ensure they provide the help needed.


2021 Workshops:
January 9 - 11 Nancy Cucci - Winter Crystals GHOSTS ALLOWED.
January 30 - 31 Ruthmarie Hofmann - Encrustations, a beaded box PILOT CLASS; GHOSTS ALLOWED.
February 26 - March 1 Jennifer Riefenberg -Tang Horse (Friday and Saturday); Twisty Trees (Sunday and Monday) GHOSTS ALLOWED.
April 8 - 11


Janet Z. Casey - Starry, Starry Night tree topper (Thursday all day and Friday a.m.); Santa Gnome ornament (Friday p.m.); Triple Dipped Holiday Tree (Saturday and Sunday) PILOT CLASSES; NO GHOSTS


June 17 - 20


Toni Gerdes - Springtime Squares - pilot (Thursday and Friday); O'Keeffe Kimono - (Saturday and Sunday) GHOSTS ALLOWED FOR O'Keeffe Kimono ONLY.


July 17 - 18 Sue Reed - It's Knot the Usual GHOSTS ALLOWED.

This will be a CYBERCLASS.

The 2021 ANG National Seminar is scheduled for August 6 through 13 in Kansas City, MO.
The 2021 EGA National Seminar is scheduled for September 1 through 5 in Chicago, IL.














































2020 Workshops:
January 11 - 12 Lois Kershner - Mt. Whitney Waterfall. There is also an option to order another design, Angela Angel. SBC members, contact workshop chairman for ordering details. GHOSTS ALLOWED.
February 22 - 23 Ruthmarie Hofmann - Carnivale PILOT CLASS; NO GHOSTS
May 15 Debbie Rowley - Mostly Amadeus (Friday); Circle Dance (Saturday and Sunday) has been cancelled. GHOSTS ALLOWED.

Amadeus will be a CYBERCLASS.

June 18 - 22

note changed dates

Janet Z. Casey - Two new ornaments - Cashmere Santa and Harlequin Lace Heart (Thursday); 3-D Patchwork Evergreen Tree (Friday and Saturday); 3-D Ribbon Pumpkin (Sunday and Monday) PILOT CLASSES; NO GHOSTS

These will be IN-PERSON classes, held at the Azure Hotel in Ontario.

July 9 - 12

note changed dates

Toni Gerdes - Firecrackers (Thursday and Friday); Abyss - (Saturday and Sunday) GHOSTS ALLOWED.

These will be IN-PERSON classes, held at the Azure Hotel in Ontario.

October 1 - 5 Toni Gerdes - Ho Ho Ho - pilot (Thursday); Once in a Blue Moon - (Friday and Saturday);Boo Hat - pilot (Sunday and Monday) GHOSTS ALLOWED for Blue Moon ONLY.
November 6 - 8 Jennifer Riefenberg - Flower Power - pilot (Friday); Winter Lights (Saturday and Sunday) GHOSTS ALLOWED for Winter Lights ONLY.
The 2020 ANG National Seminar scheduled for August 6 through 19 in Tucson, AZ has been cancelled.
The 2020 EGA National Seminar scheduled for September 4 through 8 in Boston, MA has been cancelled.